Genre: Teen Distopian/Fantasy

Series: Red Queen #3

“Those who know what it’s like in the dark will do anything to stay in the light.”

The short story:

First off…if you haven’t read the first two than this summary contains spoilers. The story picks up where Glass Sword left off, with Mare imprisioned by King Maven. The story mainly focuses on her time spent as his prisoner and the growing rebellion she left behind. The Silvers start to fracture as loyalties split between Maven and his unkowing and exhiled brother Cal. Meanwhile the Scarlet Guard is taking a foothold and gaining ground every day. Mare must stay strong and try not to be broken by Maven, but how?

My thoughts

I love this series. I’m not usualy big into fantasy but this one has me hooked. The story had a lot of character building and for the first time you get to see the view of some characters other than Mare. The ending is okay. If this was the end of the series I would be a little dissapointed but it would at least have some closure. Luckily, there is one last book coming out next year to wrap everything up…and hopefully things end more to my liking 🙂