Genre: Teen Dystopian


“He thought she was someone who could break the pattern of history. And he was offering to break it with her.”

The short story: 

Hundreds of years in the future, after technology has fallen and become illegal so that we don’t become dependent on it again,  Paris has sunk into the ground and a new tyranny has arisen. People are being imprisoned and taken to the blade for little or no reason. The Red Rook arises and starts breaking people out of prison…but after breaking out a high profile family of prisoners, things get complicated. The head of security is on the trail of the Rook, who is actually a girl named Sophie who has a bunch of problems on her own…including getting engaged to the head of security’s cousin to save the family farm. It’s all a matter of who can trust who to see who will come out on top!

My Thoughts: 

I really wasn’t excited to read this book. But in the end, I loved it. The first few chapters were confusing and it was a little hard to figure out exactly what was going on…but once you got into it, the story and characters were compelling. The Red Rook is a girl, and she is strong-willed but doesn’t rely on others the way “strong” female characters usually do. There is a love triangle, but she figures out pretty quickly what she wants and doesn’t depend on the boys to keep her alive. They are chasing her, not the other way around. Also, the ending was refreshing because it’s not the first book in a trilogy. It’s just one stand alone book that wraps up all the strings tied.

I give it 4/5 stars.