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EricaTeen Library Assistant
This is Erica’s third school year as HPL’s Teen Library Assistant. She loves a wide variety of Fandoms especially Star Wars and Batman, taking ideas and making them a reality, and of course reading; Stephen King is her favorite.

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All We Have Left by Wendy Mills

Guest Staff Writer: Kellie Bate Genre: Realistic Fiction Awards: YALSA Top 10 Nominee 2017   Synopsis: This book alternates between the perspectives of two 16-year-old girls. In 2016, Jesse’s family is still dealing with the loss of her brother Travis, who died in the attacks of September 11th when Jesse was just a baby. In 2001, Alia, a Muslim girl, is trapped when the Twin Towers collapse, and must work to survive with a boy

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807, 2017

April Henry

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April Henry Visit her website HERE Interviews with April Henry     From an Interview with CrimeSpree Magazine Erica Ruth Neubauer: You write for both adults and children. Do you find it is easier to do one or the other? April Henry: My books for adults and my books for teens are not that different from each other. The main characters are the ages of the primary audience for that particular book (although I have a lot of crossover readers). And my YA books are shorter. But other than that, there’s not much difference. I don’t change the language