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Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

Staff Writer: Sarah U. Genre: YA Contemporary Short Story Adam,16, who loves to cook and bake, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is currently doing a clinical trial for the drug ToZaPrex. Part of the trial is for Adam to go to therapy session once a week. He doesn't talk during the sessions, because he doesn’t want to accidentally say something and get kicked out of the trial. Instead, he writes journal entries to the

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Featured #Makerspace
EricaTeen Library Assistant
This is Erica’s third school year as HPL’s Teen Library Assistant. She loves a wide variety of Fandoms especially Star Wars and Batman, taking ideas and making them a reality, and of course reading; Stephen King is her favorite.

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Marie Nijkamp

  Interview from the blog Jennielly 1. Probably a really obvious question but I have to ask, how does it feel to have been on the NYT bestseller’s list for so long? Frankly, wonderfully absurd, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all my readers and book champions. Goodness, the love for that book is sheer overwhelming. <3 2. You’re a champion for diversity, as anyone who follows you will know, why is diversity in the book community important to you? Because books should reflect the world. They should be mirrors and windows and doorways. Because everyone deserves to have heroes–both

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