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EricaTeen Library Assistant
This is Erica’s third school year as HPL’s Teen Library Assistant. She loves a wide variety of Fandoms especially Star Wars and Batman, taking ideas and making them a reality, and of course reading; Stephen King is her favorite.

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A Midsummer Night #nofilter

Genre: Fantasy/Fractured story Series: OMG Classics The short story: A classic retelling of William Shakespere's comedy "A Midsummer Night's dream", about a twisted love triangle gone wrong because of some meddling faeries,  told as if all the characters were communicating with their Cell phones. My thoughts I loved this book. This is a brand new series that we have gotten called "OMG Classics" and it's several Shakespeare plays and some other Classic Novels told with

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Marble Magnets

This month, come and create your own Marble Magnets. You can use any kind of paper background you want from magazines, comic books and maps to even plain paper you you create your own design

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Jennifer Brown

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Jennifer Brown Author: Torn Away, Life on Mars, The Hate list, Perfect Escape, A Thousand Words   From an interview on "Hang ups" blog 1.  What inspires you creatively? I have always found that enjoying other artistic endeavors (mine or otherwise) tends to inspire me. A great book, a meaningful song, a deep movie, a poem or painting that I connect with — when I see something great that someone else created, it makes me want to create, too. 2.  What kind of surroundings do you like to write in? I can write in pretty much any kind of surrounding, but don’t love