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EricaTeen Library Assistant
This is Erica’s third school year as HPL’s Teen Library Assistant. She loves a wide variety of Fandoms especially Star Wars and Batman, taking ideas and making them a reality, and of course reading; Stephen King is her favorite.

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This is our story by Ashley Elston

Genre: Teen Realistic Fiction/Mystery The short story: Grant Perkins is dead. A group of his friends were partying the night before and when they went hunting the next morning somebody shot him. They made a pact to keep the same story to protect each other, but when Kate Marino (who was secretly text dating Grant) gets asked to help out her boss who works at the District Attorney's office...things start to unravel quickly.   My thoughts

By | March 27th, 2017|

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Marie Lu

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Marie Lu Author: Legend Trilogy, Young Elite  Series New book available this month: The Midnight Star (Young Elite's #3) From an interview with Parade Craziest fan moment? Most fun fan moment?  I had a wonderful fan who once sent me an alpaca hat all the way from Peru, where he’d gone to volunteer in a remote village because he was inspired by Legend to do good. That’s probably one of the sweetest fan moments I’ve experienced. A really fun fan moment was when a fan gave me a copy of Legend that he had turned into a functional clock! How cool is that?! Favorite