Blog written by Brittney Linder, 8th Grader at Hastings Middle School

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Book one of the Red Queen trilogy
“Anyone can betray anyone.”


In the Red Queen the human race has somehow evolved to have silver blood. Having silver blood means you have these great powers like controlling water or metal and you are born higher up in society. The red blooded or the normal people are forced to work for the silver. The main character Mare is an exception. She was born with red blood but has the powers of a silver. She finds herself in the royal court acting as a silver and is engaged to the second prince to keep up appearances. While in the castle she finds herself in the middle of a revolution. She joins up with the rebelling Scarlet Guard to overthrow the silver monarchy. After teaming up with the prince she is engaged to, she plans a huge attack on the capital. That plan fails horribly. Maven (that prince she’s to marry) reveals he was plotting against his half brother Cal, who is the crowned prince. He turns against Mare and orders Mare and Cal to be executed. Her takes the crown with his mother and murders his father. Mare and Cal are able to escape and show the public she does have powers. (Maven tried to cover that up.) They run away through the Scarlet Guard who just got massacred with the last attack. From there they go to the Guard’s secret base and plan for the next fight.


I give it 4/5 stars

I really enjoyed the Red Queen because one, I love medieval like stories like this and second, it was always changing. During the entire book Mare seemed to be debating which side to be on, which boy to love, and who she should trust. I couldn’t correctly guess what would happen next. Though some parts did seem used a lot in other books. The end truly did throw me for a loop though. I guessed it would have ending as every other book( where the girl gets the guy and wins the battle and bam! Happy end!) but nope. The end was a great twist that I didn’t see coming. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.