Genre: Teen Realistic Fiction/Mystery

The short story:

Grant Perkins is dead. A group of his friends were partying the night before and when they went hunting the next morning somebody shot him. They made a pact to keep the same story to protect each other, but when Kate Marino (who was secretly text dating Grant) gets asked to help out her boss who works at the District Attorney’s office…things start to unravel quickly.


My thoughts

This was a good book. It had some twists and turns in it that surprised me, and it kept me wanting to read more. It was an intense story that moved quickly, but still let you get to know the characters. There is a lot of talk about drugs and sex, so I would recommend it more for High School students…but the plot was great. It reminded me a little bit of “I know what you did last summer” the book-not the movie. The biggest thing I didn’t like about it was the use of the word “Y’all.” If she would have just cut that word out of the book…it would have been a four star book.

I give it 3/4 stars