Genre: Altered Historical Fiction

Series: Lady Janies #1

The short story:

Fact: Lady Jane Grey became the Queen of England for 9 days in 1553. Altered Facts: The true story behind this event, including the fact that people could turn  into animals at will and the King before her had been alledgedly murdered. This is that story, filled with adventure, romance, magic and a lot of humor.

My thoughts

I LOVED this book so much!! I am a history buff, and I especially enjoy tales of woe from Tudor England (The time period of King Henry the 8th and his children). This was an unexpected fun read that I couldn’t put down. I read it as an audio book on Hoopla and the narrator was amazing. It was told from three different Points of View: Lady Jane, her husband Gifford (who turns into a horse during the day), and King Edward VI (the heir to King Henry VII). It brings in a lot of modern day humor and problems while mixing it with old english customs. I highly reccomend this book.

Also, visit the Authors website for more information about the series:

I give it 4.5/5 stars