Staff Writer: Sarah U.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Awards: 2015 YALSA Teen top 10 Winner

Short Story
Emily and Sloane are best friends. Sloane and her family leave without an explanation at the beginning of summer, leaving Emily to wonder where her best friend went. Emily receives a list from Sloane in the mail, with no return address, of 13 things for Emily to do that are out of her comfort zone and things she wouldn’t do without Sloane by her side.

My Thoughts
I checked this book out for one of my reading challenge prompts-read a book with song lyrics in the title. I am glad I chose this book. I loved how the story protrays finding courage and bravery to do things out of ones comfort zone and in the process making new friends. Also I liked how there was a little romance, but not to much. One of my favorites parts were memories of Sloane and Emily either relating to one of the tasks Emily was trying to complete or an awkward situation she found herself in. Overall this book had me smiling, cheering Emily on and the ending was perfect. It was a fun, easy to follow read.

I give it a 4/5.