Genre: Mystery

The short story:

Eleven years ago, 6 kindergartners went missing. Suddenly, they reappear but with no memory of where they’d been while they were missing…or why only 5 of them returned. Told from the point of view of two of the survivors, and the sister of the still missing victim. They start to realize that they left clues for themselves to help them remember, and they have to work together to solve the mystery of what happened.

My thoughts

I really liked the first half of this book. Each point of view has a different storytelling method, my favorite being Scarlett who tells her story with a lot of concrete poetry. There is a lot of suspense as you try and figure out what all of the clues mean and how they relate to each other. It’s when they start to unveil the answers that the story goes wrong for me. Without giving too much away, they give you basic answers as to who took them and what happened to the 6th kid, but not a lot of answers to all of the clues and what they all mean. I was really disappointed with how this book ended. I need a second book to finish answering all the questions left unanswered, but it is a standalone novel.

I give it 2.5/5 stars